Household items controlled by mobile applications

More and more household appliances that can be controlled with a remote control and sometimes we find a large number of remote controls and did not differ belongs to which device each. Therefore mobile applications are being developed that allow us to control everything from one device. We are going to show some of these items that can be addressed remotely.

Intelligent Machines
Because of the unstoppable rise of mobile technology, it is now possible to have applications that allow us to control various home appliances. For example we can use our mobile device like a remote control and carry out the same functions as our traditional television.

Another possibility that is increasingly gaining more importance is the washing machines compatible with mobile devices. With this technology we can schedule our laundry and even warn us when finished. It is certainly a great advantage, as it enables the wash program ends when we get home just when they had scheduled from elsewhere.

Remote Control
We also found and blinds that can go up and down when we order through our phone, and bulbs that can be turned on or off from where we are also able to choose the light intensity we want them to have.

Of course we can not overlook the intelligent fridges our device will transmit data on temperature and the amount of food that contain to facilitate us to know when it’s time to go shopping. There are also new generation vacuum cleaners we can control and program through a mobile application and find the house completely clean to get to it.
As you see, more and more devices that we can control remotely from your mobile device, facilitating the tasks in most occasions and enabling us unified control household activities.