How do you paint on glass

As in all kinds of decorations , so also for glass painting there is a basic technique. First you need to draw on a sheet the fantasy that we want to achieve. If we are not very experienced in the design there are many ready-made images that surely will be to our taste. Trace the image onto a sheet of tracing paper and stick this on the back of the glass that we want to paint.

Glass Painting Basics

Once you are ready to begin the painting clean the glass plate. To paint can choose from three types of color: transparent ones to be diluted depending on the transparency we want to achieve, those covering, such as tempera or acrylics or colors that hot require cooking in the oven for drying. Once the design should be left to dry for at least three days being careful to protect it from dust.

he glass surface of a mirror or glass are materials that can perfectly decorate at will. To do this, we follow several techniques that allow us to decorate as you like, but the best known are the pyrography , for which we need a pyrographer that it does is melt the glass and leave a mark, like a tattoo on the skin; the etching technique , which involves applying a special product that will erode the surface, or simply paint with suitable paints.  Undoubtedly, the simplest is the latter and although the results are not exactly the same as with the other two techniques, the truth is that you get nice decorations.

Materials needed: -
Permanent marker – Paints for glass – Water – Brushes – Template

Step by step:
1. We do what we want drawing decorate either a template or freehand directly on the glass or glass.
2. We colored glass with special paints for the colors you want. You can also use normal paint, but we have much more careful not to take plenty of water and, after finishing, always varnished to protect the result.
3. Let it dry, being careful not to touch because it might get blurred the picture and we have our decorated glass! Is not it easy?  Never miss the video with all the details and get to work!, is a dream job to decorate mirrors, windows, or as shown in the video, to make posters or pictures.




Paint For Glass

painting on glass