How to build stone well in the garden

The well, in addition to being (and be) an instrument of absolute utility, has a magnetic appeal of anyone to observe it. A bit ‘for the many stories and legends born around it, a little’ because of its deep roots, this artificial water source is seen, in the popular imagination, as something magical, mysterious, with a story to tell. For these reasons, it is becoming increasingly common practice to build fake wells decorative in your garden, in order to make the atmosphere charming and original.

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Among all kinds of wells that can be realized, the stone is surely the most popular choice. Let’s see how to build it.

The first thing to do is to choose the place, trying to find an area that is as flat as possible. To do a precise job, bought a few bags of soil and leveled the slope, compacting the part you start the construction. Prepared the surface, take a bollard and plant it firmly in the ground, tied to it a piece of string of length equal to the radius of the well that you want to build and fixed at the other end a nail sturdy. Use this tool to mo ‘compass to draw a circle on the ground to use as a guide for laying the stones. Once you have created a clear line, follow it to dig a trench deep and wide enough to hold a first layer of stones (to dig just a small shovel). In this way, the base will be firmly because depart from under the ground level. After laying the first level, continue with the addition of the other layers of stones: to create a structure resistant add the mortar between the stones and the other. Once you reach the desired height (about a meter is fine), use other mortar to fill any holes and round edges.

If you do not limit yourself to just one appearance, you can make a real pit to be used as a source of water for irrigation order to do this you first have to contact a geologist who will confirm actual feasibility in relation to soil type and the depth to which the aquifer is located

Once you get a positive result you will have to proceed with the request of permission procedures vary from region to region but basically it will communicate, through specific forms , your data and those of the area where you build a well for domestic use, complete with a title deed of the land obtained the go-ahead, it is wise to hire a professional to do the job without taking unnecessary risks Once a year you will have Then, remember to make the declaration of the quantity of water withdrawn (just a rough estimate).To complete your work you have to decide how to build the vertical structure above (the one where it attaches to the pulley to pull up the bucket for instance). Probably the best solution is to have it custom-made by a professional, in a solid material and aesthetically valid (such as wrought iron), asking them to also prepare the holes for attaching the base.

Alternatively you could build it yourself, using the wooden beams. Once you have completed the entire structure can decide whether to leave the well as it is or if you fill it with earth to build into a planter by the character even more ornamental.



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