How to choose the attic windows

The attic is an environment prevalent in many buildings that have a pitched roof. Is in fact formed in the space between the roof and the last slab. Also known as the attic, we often see this location in many films, as it represents one of the most common dream: to live in a penthouse bright, from which you can admire views of the city from above. A very important element is the window in the attic, which is useful for air exchange and to let in the light. Follow the steps in this guide to know how to choose the windows to the attic.

Roof Windows

In general, the attics are characterized by two flaps, one of which with a gradient steeper than the other. Normally the windows of the lofts are located on the steeper pitch of the roof, or alternatively may be some dormers, ie small structures that protrude from the water less inclined and have a window placed vertically from which you can often access the roof. If you are in an attic with dormer window and want to provide it, therefore considered the hypothesis output on the roof: the window must have, in addition to all common features, a system of book opening (ie the type of opening a door, to the outside).

If your attic is equipped with simple openings in the ground, you can choose between various types of opening your windows, depending on the environment to illuminate and ventilate and purpose that must be achieved. Among the most popular are the window to the transom, which is the opening at an angle with hinge on one of the horizontal sides, upper and lower.

attic windows

Another type is that of the opening rocker, that relying on the system of the transom, rotates around a pin positioned at the center of the vertical side. In this way the frame can rotate and open up more according to the needs and will be blocked by a stationary, which will prevent the complete reversal.

Finally there is the fall door (or guillotine) that opens only half of the screen at a time, allowing the flow of the mobile on the fixed Suitable for windows that illuminate the cooking floor are among the most difficult to keep clean , unless your model does not provide for the release of the fixed.

framed attic windows

Not recommended is the use of a window opening to the book, unless you have the need to reach the roof, although it has no