How to clean garden tools

As important is to have your garden well maintained and keep gardening tools clean. Germs buildup is usually common in your instruments, therefore, put efforts to remove them. Moreover, these are not exactly cheap, so, all the attention devoted to its maintenance are many.On other occasions already been made clear the importance of having an appropriate tool to the needs of each to make the most of both labor and the economic investment. But little use this if the utensils and accessories are not cleaned and cared for as they require. The first part is to perform a thorough cleaning, essential to eliminate germs and parasite eggs. The steps are:

clean garden tools

Caring for garden tools
It is advisable not very aggressive detergent and rinse with water. This wash should do it regularly and especially after you using and also depending on the dirt that acquire after some task.
The metal part can sanearla a most original way. Pour into a bowl of water with a little oil will remove the particles that have been embedded in a very simple way. If for whatever remaining spots, you have no choice but to rub it with a hard cloth or mop.
If you choose to clean only with the rag, wet it with alcohol and begin rubbing hard surfaces where dirt is installed.
If you use power tools , you should not use water, because you can receive an electric current. In these cases, consult the manual instructions recommendations.
Remember that before you perform all these tasks with a particular dress clothing to avoid staining your clothes common. The most appropriate uniform you can take include:

Rubber gloves because your hands will avoid spoilers detergent or rasparte to handle, as they are very resistant.
A monkey in uniform to protect your regular clothes when washing something and you splash the water or pieces of dirt, sand or oil.
It is also better to use rubber boots or plastic because these areas tend to have mud and these areas tend to be muddy.

Fill a box of sand and oil, and he buried the metal part of garden tools to remove debris that may have been left in them. Another possibility is to rub with a scourer.
Clean tools with water regularly for a thorough and regular cleaning use a specific detergent. Three. To finish making efficient disinfection, wiping soaked in alcohol for all cavities and corners of each utensil. These tips fit all hand tools, but in the case of these power tools should be cleaned according to the instructions as marked on each manual.