How to clean wood walls

Good morning friends, in the space now you have some great tips to clean the walls made of wood.If your wall is lined with wood or wood, also need the occasional wipe and if we accidentally spotted.Clean walls will be announced and afearán the rest of the decor. But, as in this case, there are more conventional walls like drywall or a wall that has been painted, this time I advise to wooden walls look more beautiful and clean.

wooden wall

Keep in mind that all wood paneling, will be more attractive and provide a cozy atmosphere at home .. provided they are clean.You can find wood coatings in areas of the house such as a bedroom, living room, dining room or even the kitchen.

Remember that this material has great qualities and characteristics when decorating and prevent the cold from entering our homes .. say that it is warm.
But, like other coatings, wood requires certain guidelines for perfect maintenance.If you want to have beautiful walls, you have to keep in time .. in this way you will see the change in the rooms.

Observe your wooden walls and see if the paint has been lifted or is worn .. thus the first step is to remove the old varnish.With a little skill and steel wool can get .. Alcohol can also help white and rub lot.
Go rubbing in the direction of the wood grain, yes … rub gently to remove only the varnish layer and so let say virgin timber.Once you do, you just have to apply to this virgin wood a new coat of varnish. Then when dry well, to go keeping the wood over time you can use some guards.
Including linseed oil, which we have discussed on other occasions, if you apply it with turpentine pure or perfect walls remain.