How to create vase with clay

Create with clay a vase, a jug, a bowl or other object allows you to get the beautiful DIY decorations to beautify your own home or to give to friends and family. Working with clay is also a pleasant pastime in which to try on their own time. To create a vase or other object with the clay will need the following materials: a ball of clay, water, slurry (ie a binder made ​​from dried clay and water), a nylon thread, spatulas, rolling pin and awls.

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Typically a stick of clay is in the form of a parallelepiped, is gray in color and is very slippery to the touch. To cut the amount of clay needed for your decoration used a nylon thread. The piece of clay that is not used should be stored in the bag.

The techniques to model and work the clay
There are several techniques for working and shaping the clay in order to get the beautiful decorations.
• The processing Colombino. This processing method is to create many sticks of clay with hands. It should then decide the size of the base of the object to be created and put it on the edge of a little ‘slip which will act as a glue. After that, start spinning around the poles adding a little ‘slip for each plan that it intends to add. Repeat the process until the job is completed and you’re done!

• The working pressure. This method consists in working pressure in the clay so as to give it the desired shape. In this case, be careful not to make the side walls are too thin may become damaged during drying or cooking.

• The processing of pastry. This method is to create a sort of sheets of clay with a rolling pin. The sheets are then cut according to the desired size. Also in this case the barbettina used as adhesive for joining the edges of the decoration. After the object, put it to dry on a wooden surface away from drafts or heat sources too strong. When the clay is completely dried can be cooked. Then, you can further decorate the jar or the object created with acrylic or enamel colors.


When we take the clay or mud is left to air to put harder, then we put it in the mixer (machine used to remove any bubbles you have), then make pellet, the size of this is according to the piece that we will perform. To make the piece on the lathe, first take the pellet and placed in the lathe, and focuses for the part to get it right.
Then we open the piece while we turn around to begin to shape the piece molding it with your hands or a utensil. Once facts are left to dry on a table, in a dry and wet sanded once dry to put them in the oven. There already are baked at a temperature of 1060 degrees temperartura.

Materials and Tools
Red mud.
Nylon thread.

Started kneading a lump of clay. to remove any bubbles.
Extend, then, the mud with a roll, making a sheet and using a lid, make a circle that will serve as a base. On this basis, we put a macaroon, using slip, covering the outline of the circle. Thus, we gluing macaroni to reach the desired wall height.
With the pallet completely smoothed outer surface of the workpiece. shook the mouth of the jar with your fingers, shaping the vase.
Dry through mud, apply a liberal coat of shellac and sanded, then, to give softness to the surface. Then draw with a pencil the decorative pattern and cover it with white tempera.
We conclude developing the motive to the end with blue tempera.

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