How to decorate a rented apartment

When one is independent and lives in a rented apartment must be careful with the furniture in it are, but that does not mean not to customize the space that will become your home. Therefore, here are a few decorating ideas very useful for rental flats.

cozy apartment

When thinking and evaluating the various decorating ideas apartment rental must try to find a balance to be comfortable and so is the owner of the house. This task can become more simple or complicated depending upon the conditions in which the floor is, the personal requirements of each and the owner.

The most important thing is that, before making a change sustanciable in it, one must comment or consesuarlo the owner, especially if it comes to painting the floor, change the material or arrangement of the rooms. Generally, one of the requirements of the lease is to leave it as found once it is terminated.

1. Painting
A good idea may be, in case you want to add a touch of color to the room, paint one or two of the four walls with a coat of paint. Thus, when you move to another place simply give it a coat of white paint these walls to leave it as it was in its infancy.

Two. Wall Decal and hanging decorations
Other decorating ideas for walls is to purchase decals that will not stain the surface and can take off at one point, being more practical wallpaper a room.

Three. Bed
The bedroom is decorated easily by using a colorful quilt or cover or cushions combined with various textures and colors, creating a striking effect on smooth walls or white.

April. Organizing belongings
Consider buying boxes covered (or cover them by hand to get a more personnel) to save different things, or buy modular drawers or cubes of colors so you can have everything organized, decorated and hassle to return the room or floor as it was in the beginning. You can stack and layer upon each other creating striking and surprising effects.

May. Photos
These are certainly other major decorating ideas. You can put traditional photo frames on the shelves, bedside tables or hang them on the wall, but another good idea is to put one or more frames are changing digital photography in a presentation or even make a white wall on screen to project photos, getting a result very attractive and welcoming and, above all, very personal.

There are plenty of decorating ideas for apartments for rent that do not imply complete change, being ideal for a cozy home floor, nice and comfortable.


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