How to Decorate with Pink ?

It is very common to find in pink interiors, however, is a very attractive option to renovate the house and make it look more dynamic. Traditionally, pink is associated with feminine or used to extol the romance of space. Fleeing a bit of this stereotype, we will discover how the rose can be protagonist of modern spaces, providing a unique energy in the environment, especially in some of its most electric ranges.

pink and black living room

Modernism and minimalism are the two concepts that houses the art room. A light-filled space, where white sobriety brings enough not to saturate.


The bright pink of this room functions as a color dynamic force that fills the environment. If you look, there is hardly any decorations and design basis lies in the abundance of color. Is one of the characteristics of modern environments where space is constructed by means of simple elements.


Pink and black always work very feasible combination for interiors where you want to create a certain sophistication. It also has a romantic aura, although in this case slightly sweetened.


The combination of colors works very well in this other example: white, gray, salmon pink and fuchsia pink for a small studio with youthful diaphanous. The sobriety that provide primary tones is contrasted perfectly by the vividness of pink.