How to evaluate your Kitchen

One of the most used parts of the kitchen but often underestimate the time of choice, is the work plan that is technically called the top. It must be chosen with great care and attention, and found that meets the criteria of quality very rigid and is not only aesthetically valuable.


First of all, to choose the work plan of the kitchen we need to know our habits and the use we make of it, as well as assess some important features.

Scratch resistance: we check that the selected surface is scratch resistant and that, in case you ruin, it is easy to restore. Many surfaces also have the ability to camouflage the scratches therefore, where possible, choose one of these models.

Stain resistance: When choosing a countertop remember that it will come in contact with many foods and foods that may cause stains then choose one that is resistant to stains, but it is also very easy to clean. In general the material more porous are those that stain more easily.

Heat resistance: another of the important characteristics of a work plan is the resistance to heat: in fact, your plan will be constantly subjected to the heat of the stove and then it can happen to lean hot pots that could irreparably damage it.

Resistance to bruising: this aspect is very important because, often, in the kitchen there something slipping from his hands and if the work is not resistant to shocks may damage or break, so carefully consider this aspect. Hygiene: The worktops are always in contact with food so it is very important that you do not favor the proliferation of bacteria so it is good to choose a material that is very hygienic and easy to clean and disinfect.