How to install an irrigation system

To all owners of a beautiful garden, or a green lawn, they want to solve the problem of irrigation planning and installing an efficient irrigation system … this is the right guide for you! Let’s see how to create an irrigation system that will allow us to provide our garden the right amount of water, saving us from all’ingrata effort to water etc..


First, let’s go get the necessary material. We measure our garden and draw a small scale map. We establish precisely where to put the sprinklers and decide exactly how many there will be used and how many meters of pipe we buy. The system provides more than just a simple tap, at the beginning of the circuit, which attack the tube causing it then go underground for the entire garden. When we want to irrigate simply open the tap. But, with a little ‘patience and spending a little more, we can install a “timed” connected directly to the water. In this way we will not have to worry about anything, will take care of the entire system.

The material can be bought in a shop do-it-yourselfers. The tube is suitable for polyethylene (those blacks with a blue stripe). The tube can be cut and connected through the plastic fittings. There are many: 90 degrees, 45, two …. We decide how many of them will be used, even for this, the initial plan is crucial. The sprinklers (those that watering, externally, the garden) are the most appropriate ones “rain”, which guarantee an optimal distribution of water. At the beginning of our system will install an irrigation control. You can buy in stores, there are many types and depart from a minimum of 80 €. The control unit is a device that will command “time” the initial valve opening, one that will allow the flow of water and its shutdown. Remember to put the unit in a sheltered spot and, of course, is easily accessible.

garden irrigation

Now we just have to practice the excavation, not very deep, just 20cm deep We can use a pick and a shovel.We keep the land that we raise at your fingertips, because then we will have to cover everything We put the tube in the excavations, paying attention to the measures in case of “curve”, tagliamolo in the exact spot and use the fittings Regarding external sprinklers are positioned at points “right” … it is sufficient to puncture the tube and insert the sprinkler, or use fittings The sprinklers must “emerge” from the ground to about 10 inches.

One precious advice. Before putting the whole is better to give it a try. Let’s water and verify there are hidden losses and that everything goes well. After checking we can cover everything. Our irrigation system is ready for use!