How to light cabinets

Lighting is important in every room of the home. While this is true, one of the areas where it is most relevant is the kitchen. That is why today we will focus on the lighting in a particular room: kitchen cabinets.


First it is necessary to bear in mind that with appropriate lighting fixtures in this sector can greatly improve the tasks and daily work. Through proper kitchen lighting can have a hands-on environment while improving aesthetics.

A type of lighting that can be used on cabinets is directional allowing orient in different places such as cabinets or cupboards. This kind of lighting is ideal for creating a cozy atmosphere and highlight certain elements, such as furniture or that which is stored inside if fixtures are within the same and also has glass doors. Through this resource, the kitchen cabinets in addition to storing and tidying the kitchen can become a focal point for the room decor. To implement this proposal is recommended for lean low voltage system that offers an accurate light level and collaborate with saving electricity. One option that perfectly fits these requirements at present are the LED lights. In fact, LED strips installed inside cabinets or closets, in a soft yellow tone provide an accurate and fair lighting to furniture.

By otr, it is possible to place some sconces installed on the outside of the furniture, which will be useful to illuminate work areas. Further to the vastness of luminaries currently available in the market, may create compositions that enhance the environment differently.



kitchen colors with maple cabinets