How to make misleading library

How many times did you, watching movies, to see the fake moving libraries that could conceal what you never expected? And how many times did you say “I want it too?”. Well, realize it has never been easier than now: following the simple instructions you can finally have your fake library! Arm yourself then glue, cardboard cutouts, brushes, paints and a bit ‘of creativity! Before delving into the heart the realization of your library pretend you equip yourself with imagination and creativity: this is in fact the primary step to take.


Your pretend library will necessarily be adequate where the furniture will be placed: then you will have to pay attention in particular to the style and space of the furniture, colors, and possibly the presence of other books (If you have a piece of antique furniture we opt for a mock library containing books, “ancient” or, conversely, if you have a modern furniture we opt for the modern books).

Decided that we have two different ways to proceed:
1) If we want to make our library more realistic we can print from the internet the covers of the books that we aggradano to place them on the boxes in book form that will create .

2) If we want to make our library more personal we can simply rely on our creativity and create ourselves the covers.

Once imagined as our library and will be fitted with the necessary equipment start.
Consider first a base of smooth cardboard that is of suitable size, ie, the extent necessary to fill the space of mobile want to occupy; levighiamolo with the cartavetra dipingiamolo and the color of our Mobile (nb would be preferable to make a double pass and , depending on the color of the cabinet, add the gloss).
Let’s dry our base and take the cardboard boxes (they go well even cereal boxes, shoe size).
Use scissors to cut the boxes start giving them a rectangular shape (keep in mind that the boxes you have to cut them in relation to the size you want the books and, above all, to their eventual disposal!).
Cut all the boxes, place them together in the manner that you like so that you will realize if you need to cuts more or less; finished this and bearing the white, started to paint the boxes in order to cover the images that are depicted above (always remember the second pass).

At this point begins the stage more fun: remember that there are two ways to create your mock library? The method “personal” and the method “realistic” However, anyone who intends to proceed with the first method will have to take measures as soon as colored boxes and print, as a result, the book covers from the internet and paste them with the glue diluted with a little water.
For those who protenderà for the realistic approach should begin to paint with the colors you prefer, boxes-books (if you want an antique effect bets mainly on dark colors and off) Then you have to add the details that actually simulate a book such as the name of the author or the title of the books on the cover.

Let dry your fake books for a day, then resume the cardboard base that you had previously painted; underlying each book (always in relation to your hypothetical disposal) placed double-sided tape and place on the basis of cardboard to your preference. That’s it made ​​your fake library!