How to make tomato seedling in garden

By cultivating a hotbed of tomatoes with simple materials to purchase are obtained plants resistant and good quality.Tomatoes are the most popular vegetables in the home garden, because when it comes time to harvest can say that the freshness, flavor and nutrients of tomatoes home are much better than those that provide warehouse.Due to the characteristics of the plant, it should start with a seed of tomatoes and not through direct drilling to be consistent and careful in this task can be achieved a bumper crop of delicious tomatoes.

Growing Great Tomatoes

Selection of seeds and materials
For the count tomato seedlings with better quality products, it is recommended to seed extraction plants more resistant or larger fruits.

Tomatoes that are selected for extraction of seeds must be ripe.
Later, we proceed to make a cut the fruit in half, remove seeds for next to tomato juice, into a plastic container in which will accumulate for a period of three days.
Three days elapsed is filled with water the vessel containing the seeds and tomato juice, then in a colander, wash the seeds until they were clear of any residue.
All seeds will spread on a newspaper and let it sit for three days in a cool place.
Three days elapsed, finally comes to separate the seeds that are tightly packed together and so have them ready for planting.
Regarding where will the tomato seedlings, it has several options.
The most widely used is to buy trays of alveoli that are special to seed, but also can be used clean plastic containers, yogurt or recyclable trays.
The substrate sold in stores is the ideal to support the plant, but you can also use ground with some sand and compost to enrich it.


Seeding process
To cultivate tomato seedlings should be started by adding the substrate to the alveoli trays with small, smooth strokes, so that it is smooth and hard.

You should use the shower to wet a little surface evenly and wait a few minutes for the water to spread.
Seeds are then taken and spread avoiding the accumulation or which are very tightly packed together, with sufficient space to grow.
After dispersing seed, these are covered with a layer of an inch maximum dry land.
It is important that you cover and not bury the seed, it may have difficulty going outside.
Later, in the shower, get wet tomato seedlings slightly, with care to prevent seeds arising from its place.
To protect the seedlings from external agents such as cold, rain or insects, you should cover it with newspapers, an old blanket or sacks of straw, in turn will be as a type of greenhouse providing heat to germinate.
It should be watered every day, until the plants go out to the surface and out the blanket as they grow.