How to mix the colors of the bricks

The clay bricks are made that determines the color of the final product. Y is different mineral compositions of this return fire in a different, making this material exist tones ranging from yellow to salmon pink to red is almost dark brown. And if you add layers of other materials such as limestone or sand as it is on fire, also affect its color and texture.


I recommend that you handle the color of the bricks in the same way as you would the paint, that of carpets or fabrics. Particularly using that key to find others that are harmonious. Therefore, the brick is colors like pink, salmon or deep red works well with others as cold greens, soft yellows and different targets.

While those who go to the yellow go well with neutral shades such as cool gray or warm brown. For these shades I recommend you look different gray tones which combine well with the kind of earth tones with the bricks that are usually placed in this class of spaces.

If you want the bricks protrude further into the space in which they are, I recommend painting the walls in a color that contrasts enough with that material, so you get even more attention there. You can also incorporate some touches of the same color of the bricks in other parts of the room, some fabrics or accessories.
The clay bricks are made that determines the color of the final product. Y is different mineral compositions of this return fire in a different, making this material tones exist … Mixing colors bricks
The brick is a highly durable material which in many cases gives texture and character to a room, but sometimes it can feel like limiting in terms of the options we have to decorate the space. Colornspice advises you that he serves out of this beautiful material into your decor!

The first thing to understand in order to work successfully with brick either indoors or outdoors, is that not all the bricks have the same tone: the type of clay that are produced and how they are baked is decisive in color they have, which can be anything from a yellowish to reddish terracotta or.

The next step is to decide if you want to highlight or rather conceal his presence in the room remember that if it is something you like to see in your decor you can paint it with the same paint would you paint the wall, so yes: I recommend applying a good sealer before painting such as Lanco Stain Killer.
If you let the brick in its natural color (especially outdoors) then we recommend you seal it with a special product that does not allow rubbed dirt and moisture, in this case the right product would Duralife of Lanco.

To integrate the color of the brick in your color scheme begins by searching the dominant color in the brick and treat it like a fabric or carpet: Use the color wheel to find harmonious colors.

The brick is mainly pink or light red tile coordinates well with soft hues of yellow, green or antique white cold and creamy.

The brick is mainly yellowish or blancuscos tones well with neutral colors such as gray cold or warm coffee, trying to “get” the tones of the same nuances that have the pieces.

Note that the higher the contrast between the brick and the paint color you bundle, the more you draw attention to the brick. So if you do not want the brick stand out too much, then you paint adjacent walls a lighter color, but rather seeks to combine intermediate tone.