How to prepare paint roller

If you have a roller you used for quite some time and you want to use must keep some things in mind for the paint to soak well into the roll and so when you apply the paint with a roller to the wall is perfectly. Remember that the roller is ideal for painting large surfaces, smooth walls without roughness, the rollers can be foam or hair. Here we explain how to prepare a paint roller before . We must prepare the roll to prevent paint from marking the wall plus a roller paint well prepared will allow faster and with less effort.


If the roller is new , there is a very simple advice to remove loose hairs and all impurities have. They should stick tape on its surface and, when removed, the tape will carry dirt and all remaining particles.

An interesting trick is to take tape and tape the area that is passed through the roller, you scrub hard to make the perfect roller for use . This council serves to collect the lint roller and so allow the paint is perfectly on the wall.
It is very important that when you’re finished using the roller either foam or hair must be clean with water or solvent after each use. In addition to extending the life of this roller allow impregnation of the paint roller in a more comfortable and effective.
After thoroughly cleaning the roller is advisable to keep a few days in a dry place that does not touch the sun, completely dry when we put it in a plastic bag if we see that the roller will be a long time without being used.

If we are talking about new rollers or with very little use , avoid introducing them in the paint dry, since its absorption capacity is too high and charged an amount of excess paint. It is convenient to “paint” with a brush. After this, the roller is ready to soak directly into the paint.
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Another good tip is to not putting too much on the wall to avoid damaging the material from which is made the roller