How to put on an external staircase

The architectural elements that are outside are certainly the most exposed the ravages of time and weather phenomena, among them, the stairs deserve a particular eye view of their function, they should be maintained constantly in safety, both structural view that as regards the coating, which may deteriorate with time becoming unstable or slippery. The following will give you some tips on how to play an external staircase, choosing the most suitable materials.

external staircase

Choose the best coating for our scale, is not only a matter of aesthetics, the material chosen will influence many factors, including the possible infiltration of water and, therefore, possible even serious damage to the supporting structure. The most suitable materials that have met all of these numerous factors, are the natural stone, travertine and marble Trani. For the installation, you will have to proceed from the lowest step and proceed gradually upward; should prepare a reinforced concrete base and the base of installation will be constituted by a mixture of cement and sand. For mounting of the slabs in stone, you can use a special glue to be mixed with water; quest’impasto will applied, with the aid of a toothed trowel, both sull’alzata that on the tread of each step and, after completing the mounting plate, the scale will be wet and stay wet for a while ‘time.

The stone of your choice will have to respond to a whole range of features: must be resistant to impact and heavy weights, will ensure good water resistance and prevent the infiltration, for this purpose it is possible to insert, between the concrete base and the slabs, a special sheath containing bitumen; should be as resistant to any possible stains and frost, and finally will have to have a low index of cracking, which consists in the resistance to water absorption by capillarity, a low value ensures a better conservation in the course of time.

The thickness of the slabs shall not be less than 12 mm, so that the natural materials may comply with the rules in force Attention to the parameters of slipping: if the material should be considered risky for the users of the scale, you have to equip the steps of appropriate systems slip: carborundum strips, rubber inserts and metal bars will be

As far as the maintenance and cleaning careful not to use products that may damage the natural stone during the first 6 months the amount of water used must be reduced to the maximum can use rags soaked; prohibited based products of acids that may alter the color and the natural luster of the stone in question, better ask information to the dealer.

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