How to remove paint from iron furniture

With the passage of time and because of bad weather, it can often happen that the paint used to coat the iron is subject to wear, so, periodically, it will be necessary to repaint the whole. Before starting the procedure relating to a new paint job, you will need to remove the layer of old paint, so you will have to remove paint the iron to be treated. It ‘an operation that can be performed with two approaches traditionally been using sandpaper (or wire brush), or by using chemical strippers.

Reviving metal garden furniture

In this guide you will find useful tips and how you can figure out how to put them into practice.If the paint is to be deleted only on the surface, will be sufficient to use a solvent to be applied with a brush, removing the old paint:

carefully open the can of paint stripper chemical and apply the treatment area, leaving it for the time indicated on the package. When you
see the paint swell and crack, you must remove it with a putty knife, wiping the surface with a cloth soaked in alcohol, then you will remove all the paint, sanding lightly treated surface. Eventually will spread a coat of rust and the element iron is ready to be painted.

Metallic Paints

If you want to avoid using chemical strippers, you can proceed with the traditional method, manually removing the paint and any rust using a wire brush and sandpaper. It is a very simple and effective, although quite tiring: spazzolerete vigorously before the iron from burning,
then, with a scraper, you will have to remove traces of paint and parts may rust (if any). At this point you will need to treat the area with
sandpaper (or with the sander), sverniciando completely iron.Finally, you can also choose to remove paint the iron with the heat gun, which is used simply as a hair dryer: you need to determine the speed of treatment and you will swell the paint subjected to hot air With a simple scraper will be easy to remove.

Remove Paint from Metal

If the area to be treated is small and the layer of paint to be removed is small, You can also take one or more type of abrasive scouring
pads, which put a little ‘paint stripper, then you will complete the paper work with the window .Now you can finally repaint your element in iron: you will surely get a good result.