How to renovate country house

Many have a house in the country that needs to be restored, or have a desire to buy a place to spend your holiday while ‘tranquility, enjoying nature and the silence of the countryside. Even in this case it is often forced to restructure a new purchase, as new housing in the countryside are hard to find.

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1 The first thing to analyze is the wooden structure of our house, if it is in good condition then you can choose to leave it intact or eliminate non-bearing structures leaving the main pillars to preserve the ancient taste of tradition: we strongly recommend modernize the house, because the contrast of the traditional with the modern country of the house is something that makes a positive pleasant inside the house, after a walk or a trip to the countryside. If, however, we must also strengthen the structure is necessary to replace the beams and pillars with new concrete or hardwood (suitable for structures).
In both cases, we treat the wood for svecchiarlo, this operation is very delicate so you have to call in an expert and the cost is not insignificant.

2 Controlled the overall structure let’s check out the openings. If there are few windows, it is essential enlarge or create new ones to make the whole house look brighter. Of course new fixtures must be colored laminate wood with double glazing. Should be checked immediately after the floors and the roof. Floors should be strictly in terra cotta and robust, at least those of the most frequented then lounge, kitchen and bathrooms. In the living room, to give a modern twist, coat it with the carpet, so as to have the strength of terra cotta combined with modern touch. For the rooms is recommended flooring, known for properties to retain heat.

For when it concerns the roof if it is made ​​of a sloping roof, you should verify if the insulating properties are still intact and if there are no leaks. In any case, the ideal is to eliminate the sloping roof to create a terrace with a water resistant with a barbecue area and a gazebo to be able to make wonderful dinners in nature.

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