How to solve the problems of wood

The wood will brighten our home, but if it is not properly maintained the opposite effect. A timber is a timber kept nice and lasts forever. Let’s check a number of effective solutions to solve the problems of wood.

Wood in interior design

1st. Scratches and cracks:
For scratches clear liquid wax used is compatible with the varnish, which can be tinted by the color of the wood. For deeper cracks, I recommend the stick wax sold in various colors and shades.

2nd. Loss of color by the sun:
Has to try to balance the tones with a colored wax we used like in the case of scratches.

3rd. Lack of brightness:
Dullness due to many scratches that are barely visible along the entire surface. Products can be used polish type recovery. Must be applied uniformly over the timber.

4th. Damage to the coating:
In the event that falls off a little paint, you can scrape the damaged parts with a sharp tool cĂștero type with the tip of a knife, then the area is sanitized lowering with very fine sandpaper. Finalmetne blown well Recoating area and a very fine brush waxes always trying to match shades.

5th. Woodworm:
It can act as woodworm siemrpe is not widespread. There are treatments with biocides that kill the larvae when they are eating the wood. Can also be eliminated by freezing in a cold room.

6th. Grease stains, oil, ink:
These types of stains can be removed from the timber. This requires cleaning the area with a cloth dipped in warm water with diluted soda bicarbonta.


7th. Fences moisture:
Depending on the size of the stain, you can use a damp cloth with warm water to remove salts, which are really annoying leave the wood fence.