Hydraulic tiles: color and fun to the soil

Some time ago it’s tendency to use hydraulic tiles in any room of our house, regardless of the decorative style we have chosen. We are transported to Mediterranean areas, in fact the countries that have been most used are Italy, France, Portugal and Spain.

Hydraulic cement tiles

As I said we can place them in kitchens, bathrooms, entryways, living rooms and not just on the floor, also can be used on walls, to the tops table in outdoor such as terraces or patios.

His colorful and design allows us to make countless combinations using from wider with bright colors to the more simple and monochromatic. The can mix with other materials such as wood, marble, other ceramics … this allows us to give prominence and further enhance the design we have made ​​with these combinations.
It was originally used in rural and rustic styled , but now go well in any style from minimalism to a vintage. The manufacture of these pieces is handcrafted , are made ​​one at a time, so you get a unique character, so that this diversity is derived hydraulic mosaic charm.

Are made ​​by preparing a paste that is mixed in the white marble powder, white cement, sand and pigments. With this preparation be filled a mold called climbs. After a pressure is applied properly to produce sufficient heat to melt the materials of said mixture.

baldosa hidraulica


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