Ideas for decorating with chalkboard paint

Although it has already become a common resource, our blog decorating we like to show the appellant is using chalkboard paint to decorate walls . Although there is no need to use always covering the entire wall for children to have a great time. You just have to put a little imagination and create new forms, for example in the home office as a calendar, with different shades you can make a square for each day of the month, or have a little patience and do circles for example. For children (and not so little ones too) we can choose other colors and incidentally give more joy to the room decor .

room ideas with chalkboard paint

And if we have a little paint and we loose hand with paintbrush continue on the dresser salon, write our life verse on it and ended up with a tray of cheeses, so then do not say that we do not provide life diners ;)

decorating ideas with chalkboard paint

decorating using chalkboard paint

decorating with chalkboard paint

kitchen chalkboard paint