Ideas for sliding coffee tables

In the living room furniture, we select a few key items to be present in the room. One of them is a table. It is an important accent that has a multi-purpose value, depending on the shape, size, and model.

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We will offer you a few ideas for folding coffee tables to give you the opportunity to find something suitable for your living room. You will be charmed by the roof is protected uses of this, at first glance, the unassuming item of furniture.

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This table in Walnut color and chrome legs is stretched wide and allows if necessary to become a convenient dining table. The model is made from stretched and Dwell in the area could collect between 6 and 8 people.

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This model presented in two colors – black and white is the work of designers from John Strand MK. Represents a rectangular long Masika, which expands in height and is converted into an excellent option for desktop or dining table. An ideal solution for those who work at home.

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Bellagio table is a table with a low wooden surface on glass substrates. This is the perfect option for a laptop. Raises height and the stay a little free space in which you can store small items connected to the computer. Excellent would be put in a contemporary home.

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This model is stylish and modern. Glossy cream-colored surface and shiny stainless steel fundamentals look remarkable, both in the low variant, and expanded. This is one of the typical coffee tables, with the advantage of being raised and download according to your preference. Will fit beautifully into a luxurious, elegant accommodation.

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The model is similar to the standard folding tables. Except that it is divided into two parts and added a third in the Middle, its advantage is that it raises and higher. This is the classic version of the transformation of the living room to the kitchen table. Here, you will easily collect their family friends a delicious dinner.

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Similar to the above model, this Coffee Table and Mini stretch transforms into a dining table, but in two parts. The same principle is raised in height and from the basic desktop comes second and added in parallel to the first. It is suitable for the living room in a small modern housing.

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Table iMultifunzione Piccolo has a simple yet sophisticated design. It is made from glossy surface and coffee table converts into a dining table for four. Available in several colors and could look good in a modern furnished home.

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Table MK1 is popular with non-standard vision and wooden construction. Made of walnut or oak. Its design is simple, but it doesn’t hurt to be multifunctional. Is compatible with any type of Interior Design.

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If you are looking for industrial-type for the coffee table, don’t miss the Ana-white. This table is a normal base which has the function to transform the Bureau if necessary. Adjust only the height.

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Weird or not, this mass, Rockler’s project is non-standard. Not because of their vision for the property to be converted into a bed. Almost every single page on the table expands in the appropriate direction, to put together a comfortable single bed.

Enjoy these interesting suggestions!

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