Ideas to renovate home with bright furniture

Are you thinking of renovating your home on a budget? Well, you know that you can find Interiorismos great decorating ideas. As we have explained on more than one occasion, with paint and accessories you can get completely new environments.


However, before getting down to work must take into account a major factor: the color of the furniture in the room you want to renew. If your home is clear or stripped furniture, spare light, bright and very easy to combine, we recommend that you take a look at the advice that we give below.

Walls and floors
The first thing to keep in mind if your furniture is white is that you should avoid creating a monochromatic light or atmosphere, that will make any stay a cold and overly flat, totally opposite of what you want. So, it’s a good idea to give some color to the walls, even a soft hue. In this way the environment will be much more welcoming.
Textiles can also help to create contrasts. With a white linen sofa, for example, a chair will be great dark. In general, it is recommended that large pieces are clear and crisp textures, and let the warmest for auxiliaries.

Auxiliary parts
To complement the furniture should choose pieces that add warmth but not contrast too much with them. Washed woods, wrought iron painted in pastel shades or rattan furniture will be ideal. In addition, the glass will become your greatest ally, as it is the perfect complement to all kinds of furniture. We also will be great natural fibers, which provide warmth to the room.


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