Inspiring Spaces: Nordic cuisine with town


This kitchen to teach you today could frame the trend of Nordic decor but gives a twist to this style that is increasingly present in our lives. The white coating and furniture contrasts perfectly with the brick wall that has remained one of the sides of the room.

Notice how the furniture follow the “rules” of Scandinavian style with white wooden countertop. I like the detail that you have put white table black chairs to break the monotony of the rest of the furniture that is quite the same. Observe how the color note introduced plants that dot the space, complete with artichokes bowl next to the sink.


In this view, we can see that the space is taken to the extreme, as even the hollow on the fridge is filled with a couple of baskets. A great success has been to place lights under the wall units, so that the work area is comfortable and the lights above the kitchen which is far from the window.

Another hit has been placed a couple of shelves on the wall, parallel to the counter and one low gain more storage space. The teams that are below not just convince me but overall, this kitchen is very inspiring. Do you urge to update the decor Nordic adapting to a singular space?