Install Garden on your Balcony

The fact of living in an apartment does not mean we can not have a garden, any space can help us if we are willing to care for plants.
A balcony is not big difference with a yard or garden in the ground, the main one is the size and this can be an advantage, since it reduces the tasks of maintenance and costs.


Tips for designing a garden on your balcony:
To make our garden on the balcony we sow in pots and this will determine the plants that we can choose. It is advisable to opt for small plants more easily adapt to the conditions of the terrace. Herbs, vines and hanging plants, are cheaper, resistant and easy to get. No need to install a lot of pots, with a few suffice.

The pots allow us to control the amount of sunlight that our plants are and move to another sector roughly sunny, if necessary. It is also possible to control watering the plants receive, because it is done manually.

For special effect, mix plants in different shades of green with flowering plants. Whenever possible, be included perennial flowering plants, to ensure that the whole year will keep the color.The furniture and the distribution of space are of equal importance to the selection of plants that will place, for the design of the garden is a place worth living. Do not forget that the balcony or terrace, are extensions of the home outside.

Some considerations for the design of the garden on the balcony:
When the space is small, we choose furniture made ​​from lightweight materials such as rattan, PVC, that are perfect for outdoor use, and if they are folding, the better.If the balcony or terrace is painted white, the plants lose presence. This is solved with a singing tone white ground.

In terraces with higher volume, we can create areas of full sun and full shade spare half, to sow greater variety of plants.

According to the type of pots we use, we irrigate more or less followed. Ceramic pots and cement, lose moisture faster. When a pot drainage is insufficient, make new holes in it. If, however, the drain is excessive, then we place a patch or a plate underneath it so that water is not lost.The distribution of the pots depend on the furniture we have in our terrace or balcony and garden idea we had at the time of designing.

If we take a corner of the balcony to locate there all plants, generate a mass effect or plant flowerbed. Taking as reference the massive plant-oriented furniture distribute this point, so that those who sit on the terrace to enjoy the view, to contemplate the garden.

In addition to plants and furniture, our garden supports other kinds of ornamental elements, like a garden, with the only restriction imposed space. We may add, statues, fountains, lanterns and all elements that we consider necessary to improve the comfort and aesthetics of our balcony.

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