Interactive magnetic wallpaper

No more boring static decorations . No more having to decide that putting decor. Now you can have a different decor and interativa every day with magnetic wallpaper.It is a sheet of wallpaper with a thin magnetized ready to be digitally printed . The basis of this film is perfectly prepared for it to be installed as any other type of wallpaper.


Landscapes offers several models of magnetic wallpaper with matching magnets . There are all kinds of models. They work like magnets we put in our fridges, so you can hang notes, photos or whatever you can think of.For children it is a fantastic choice as it having great place changing magnets and hanging his drawings . Also, Landscape offers educational magnets (alphabetic and numeric).

Yesterday we talked about the importance of choosing the right paint color for the walls of a room, because today, we are going to make another proposal: magnetic wallpaper ! It is clear that the wall paper has not gone out of fashion, and we should not rule out this option for decorating our house. Gone is the typical simple ecru paper, giving way to more colorful and modern options.

These wallpapers we have seemed a very original idea , in addition to opt for other forms of decoration, that are magnetic is a motivation for children, as they can play with magnets and walls of his room, creating collage and thousands of stories of fairy tales, with which foster their imagination.
This series of papers created by Sian Zeng , are perfect to give a vintage atmosphere or naive to the room of your children. You will find different models, all with natural motifs, plants and animals with pastel colors are the protagonists in this decoration. Each model is available in several colors, so you will make the perfect combination to your liking. If you want to make the environment completely, also have magnets for this type of paper, with which you can create fantastic stories and fun.

We believe it is important that the smaller room is not just a place to sleep and study, but has to be made entertaining as it is also about their place of play. If we facilitate things and bring to your environment activities beyond toys, sure they appreciate it.

How to paint a wall with magnetic paint
Currently there is a type of paint called magnetic paint that can be applied to the walls of our house and so we can hang papers, photos, posters, … without having to damage the wall with screws and nails. The magnetic paint is a water based paint and allows us to paint any wall of our house. This paint is ideal for children’s bedroom walls and kitchens, so you will give a more modern, original and useful to the wall above. Here we show you how to paint a wall with magnetic paint.

Shake the can of magnetic paint for several minutes (3-4 minutes) so that the paint is well mixed.
The magnetic paint to be applied in several layers, at least 3 layers of paint. Apply the first coat of magnetic paint and let dry. When it is completely dry, apply the second coat and let dry. Apply the third coat and let dry.
Once you paint 3 coats of magnetic paint you can paint over it with any wall paint for color. You can do several layers of color and not worry that the magnetic paint will not leave.
When the paint has dried color and have the magnetic wall and decorate it ready for use. You can hang with your photo magnets, posters, recipes, or anything you want to hang.
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