Interior decoration, garden in apartment

There are many ways to generate greater breadth and sense of freedom inside your house or apartment, without necessarily throwing a wall. Nothing better than to renew oxygen plants, enlighten and, why not, you company. Have you thought about an indoor garden? you have the options to have a garden inside the home easily. The current trend is to attach a small area inside your house or apartment. There are gardens that transcend the role and simply provide a touch of freshness to the enclosure, even in less than one square meter. Commonly, these indoor gardens are often a success in almost any design.


Another factor to note is the simplicity of your care that is easily combined with modern life. Most varieties of ivy, like most tropical plants grow easily indoors.

Some items you should have for the assembly of the garden:
Use land for houseplants. Do not use topsoil from your garden because it contains the nutrients needed to grow healthy plants.
Find a place in your home that receives a lot of sunlight during the day.
■ Stones of various colors and sizes
■ Flat rocks and boulders
■ Multiple sources can be with rocks, bamboo or painted ceramic with natural colors
■ Small Shrubs
■ Bonsai
■ Roads
■ Bamboo canes to decorate
■ Aquatic plants for the pond

In addition, outdoor treated wood and other materials, such as PVC, with identical texture are fundamental, especially when they themselves are used constantly. Water your plants frequently, especially if you have air conditioning, indoor air that fills the moisture. To make your plants are better, water them every day, or as often as you can, with a spray bottle Arrange attractively plants. Consider hanging some on the roof, especially those that grow downward, such as spider plants and ivy.