Interior decoration in neutral colors

The interior in neutral colors is a knock out. Is a success for modern and contemporary space . It abigarrar have personality but not mess with anyone and be based on styles and emphases. The neutral decor styles are currently the most influential. I want to explain how to decorate in neutral colors step by step so that you achieve a totally to your taste and with a tremendous appeal.


How to Decorate in neutral colors
Will achieve a perfect decoration in neutral colors combining tones in the range of beige, gray and white, both in the paint color and the use of certain natural materials. You can combine different materials and finishes to your taste and it will only be a base to your decorating style.


My recommendation is that you think a kind of canvas or neutral colors based on the furniture then you recrees completely. If you apply the colors in the space directly (walls, ceilings and floors) will be very useful to tailor the space to your decor. It is the best option for those who change their minds from time to time.


Applications of neutral colors
The first is that these colors you can use them in any room, no matter what it is, are possible in every way without exception.


Create nuances
The interior in neutral colors allow you to create nuances, playing with chiaroscuro to create emphasis on certain areas or get a sense of spaciousness in small spaces . Another way is through textures and wallpaper striped walls and other graphic motifs. Never go wrong.

neutral colors of interior design

Textiles and Accessories
Another way to decorate is to use neutral colors to decorate with textiles : curtains, upholstery, carpets and blankets. You can also use accessories and decorative objects in this palette of colors for a personalized image.


You can use neutral colors on the kitchen countertop or bathroom without fear of making mistakes as these surfaces are paramount chromatically and use them in this palette lets you then apply any decor without entering into discussion with them.Dare to venture into the interior in neutral colors. You can use them in c ny room in your home without fear of making mistakes. It is one of the most intelligent and versatile decorating.

spice-warehouse-living-room neutral

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