interior design for a bathroom colors

The bathroom is one of the most intimate and private rooms in the house. If you are remodeling your house, it is also essential that you remodel your bathroom to match the rest of the rooms. One thing important in bathroom makeover is the colors. How do you choose the right colors for your bathroom? It all boils down to the ambience you want to have.

By following the traditional rules of color theory, she can produce kitchens and bathrooms that jump with energy or soothe the senses. Color theory tells us what hues give us that warm and cozy feel and which ones foster a cool, peaceful serenity. “But before you can successfully apply color theory to interior design, you have to understand how it works,” she says.

The color wheel starts with three primary colors: red, yellow and blue. Then it adds the secondary colors, orange, green and purple, which are made by blending the primary colors. Six tertiary colors follow; these are made by mixing together a primary and secondary color.

When choosing paint color for the bathroom, take note of all elements in, and affecting the room, harmonizing all into a cohesive whole. So you will see, there is more to color selection than simply selecting a color. It is necessary to coordinate everything in any room. · Color of adjacent areas, rooms, hallways · Color of the bathroom fixtures · Floor color · Tile & any wall surrounds · Cabinet color

Tips :

1- When choosing your modern styled bathroom suite, go for sharp, clean lines, either squared or rounded.
2- Consider wall-hung basins and toilets, which clear the floor space, giving a clean, minimal look. Cleaning is easier, but make sure a structural engineer checks your wall is strong enough to support the weight.
3- Free-standing baths aren’t just for period homes. There are very modern, sleek designs for free-standing baths. Create a stunning focal point in your modern bathroom.
4- Consider using fitted bathroom furniture in your contemporary bathroom. It streamlines all your bathroom fixtures, giving smooth, clean lines to your bathroom – and loads of storage space. No clutter on show!Choose white to blend in with your suite and fixtures, or dark wood for a great contemporary feel.
5- Make a statement with your basin, and choose a cutting-edge basin design. Pick a basin in a bright new color – turquoise is popular, or glossy black. Or, choose a basin in stone, granite or glass. Pick a small, bowl design, that sits on top of a wash-stand or console table.
6- Make sure you choose sleek, contemporary taps – in a brushed stainless steel finish, to fit with your new bathroom

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