interior design for a bungalow house

The art of bungalow decorating is very often dictated by the distinctive architectural features of the classic American bungalow style house. These inviting little homes with low-pitched rooflines were built with functionality as the guiding principle along with plenty of design savvy.

During the early years of the twentieth century, a stylish yet accessible home concept hit the scene with great success. These affordable bungalow style dwellings had large welcoming front porches with shared backyards and open-concept floor plans. Plus these informal houses had sweeping horizontal lines which were pleasing to the eye. Even retailers like Sears, Roebuck and Company offered construction kits for bungalow homes. Magazines like American Bungalow are geared towards those with an interest in preserving, restoring, and living inside the bungalow style home.

This house addition is nice. With an approach to limit visibility of the addition from the street, maintaining the prominence of the bungalow fa├žade, and the rear lane garage alteration followed the stepping articulation of the rear lane garages, make this house have sufficient natural light, spacious, and match to modern living concept.

This house design also adopt green building design in sustainable matter; the design addressed issues of sustainability through the use of passive solar principles, water harvesting and reuse and the reuse of salvaged building materials

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