interior design for a curve

The white framework called Espejo House that seems like box that big and wrapped by white lines of curve corners. The Espejo House is in the Badajoz, Spain, and designed by Murado & Elvira Company. By the past, the house made for simultaneous contemplates the fire and the sundown, turning natural world into a home object of fondness. A contemporary design that has a hygienic and simple construction has surround for the house that the elegant stylish.

Curvy walls have never been easier to create!! Fulcrum Composites manufactures curved panels are the simplest and fastest way to produce smooth, tight radius corners for walls and ceilings. These panels install just like drywall, using exactly the same techniques and materials. Initial products include 4″ internal radius corner, 8″ external radius corner and a 180 degree wrap-around corner with which to finish the ends of studwalls. The panels are available in 1/2″ & 5/8″ thickness to match standard drywall. How great is that???

Building this house looks fine that reflects the past and future, two square-shaped, curved berstuktur external front facade, white walls made ??of stone and mono-pitch roof, doors and windows of buildings made ??of wood base. Houses have a fluid interior multi-function between the open plan and closed more intimate retreat that defines where the two forms meet and be positioned to protect from prevailing winds. Two volumes are connected to make the house spacious and light and lots of visual surprises. The north entrance on the set there are two levels of the master bedroom, main bathroom and another sleeping kamr him with en-suite. The entrance to the south includes sculptural curved roof area which includes four free-flowing space for relaxing, reflective roof melungkung the day at even lower into the space around him.

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