interior design for a dental clinic

For those of you thinking of opening up a dental office, we have an interesting project for analysis today. Royal Dental is a Dental Clinic designed by Stefan Lazar & Adrian Hanas and located in Pipera, Bucharest, Romania. Here is the description we received from the project developers: Royal Dental Clinic was an ambitious project in all respects. Finding a concept to translate the idea of excellence into dental imaging was a challenge that we accepted, proposing a simple but effective solution. Combining the latest technology with experience and professionalism, we reinvented the classic style, a characteristic of boutique-like premises, thus creating a friendly ambiance. The simple chromatic design emphasizes on the elegant Baroque decoration in the reception of clients area and to an overall feeling of order n areas of management and treatment. Find it appealing enough for a dental inspection?  (photos: Andi Popescu, presentation film: Catalin Balasa, concept: Razvan Savu )

Most of us take for granted our yearly dental check-up and there is a surprisingly large number of people who avoid going to the dentist and are even afraid to step into the reception area of a dental clinic. Perhaps this is due to the fact that some of our visits to the tooth fairy doctor turn out to be such a traumatic experience that mars our lives forever, or it could simply be our mental prejudice talking us out of going into that clinic and taking essential care of our precious teeth. Health experts throughout the years have done studies to explain this psychological dilemma and persuade people to step into the side of enlightenment. Simple tooth decays lead to serious tooth and mouth diseases and it is fair to say that nobody wants a hesitant, embarrassed smile with no sparkling white teeth visible.

Recently interior design concept is not only applied to residential architecture, now even hospitals and clinics use interior design concept to create a comfortable atmosphere to patients. Neither dental clinic, dental clinic or commonly known as the dental clinic is also desperately need a touch of the interior. How design dental clinic interior? The following is an example of dental pictures of the interior with modern concepts. Interior design of a modern dental clinic was designed by Tiago Santos Andrade from Arquitectura 38n9w called “Inside A Smile” It looks very elegant and comfortable. This dental clinic has an atmosphere that is truly unique, you feel go into another dimension when he came here. It was colored with green and orange vinyl floor, looks amazing. Here you can see the floorplan for more details about this design. when you become a patient at this clinic you will feel like at home alone.

Once you have communicated your requirements your designer will help you to explore the creative possibilities. As soon as your scheme has been finalised your designer will present you with a design package of detailed drawings and schedules. This will be used to obtain quotes from builders and provide details for them to work from on site. Ultimately the success of your project will rely on a good relationship with your designer, their expertise in translating your vision and the ability of the builder to execute the work.

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