interior design for a flower shop

Find out what should be the basis for the finished business plan to open a flower shop with which you want to start with the organization of the flower business and how to develop this business in the future.If you want to open a floral business, give people positive emotions, sell, tender, handsome, has a pleasant smell good, you should think about organizing the flower business and opening a flower shop.Typically, the buyer, going to the flower shop, initially experiencing the positive emotions associated with the cause of its appearance in your flower shop. The main thing for you, as owner flower business, To increase the positive emotions of the buyer and guess its consumer desires.

In elegance flower businessThis case can bring good income, the average profit margin for the flowers in the 100 – 300%. At the same time to open a flower shop requires a relatively small initial capital in the amount of $ 8000, depending on the format of the outlet.

In the flower shop, in contrast to the pavilions, a large trade area and it allows you to extend the range of products. In addition to “cutting” in the store sold bouquets, potted plants, souvenirs and gifts, ceramics, soil and other related products. Increasing diversification through non-perishable goods, reduce costs. Gain a flower shop does not depend much on the large turnover, you can sell fewer colors, and the remaining profits are derived from related products. In organizing flower business and opening a flower shop should pay attention to the staff. Competent and friendly seller, who can consult and advise, and sometimes praise the buyer for a good taste when choosing a bouquet, can make a random customer to your regular customer. Shop requires more investments (from $ 20000) than small pavilions, and sometimes pays off slowly, but there is one undeniable advantage – it is more stable flower businessDue to a wide variety of regular customers.

Designed by Graft, this shop interior design is located in frankfurt international airport. This shop is designed with a unique interior, dramatic draw with the wooden installation as the main attraction. The shelves are decorate the interior with beautiful colors to store product Heinemann. Beautiful, artistic, we love it.

The renovation of a 40m2 flower-shop in Patras, Greece, was an opportunity for Point Supreme Architects to react to the absolute uniformity of such shops. Research on the topic both inside the country and abroad, showed that flower-shops are always over-filled with flora from floor to ceiling, in all heights and positions towards the customer.

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