Interior design for shops

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Best Interior design and furniture shops in Barcelona

Barcelona is known for being a city of interior designers. Of course everyone has in mind the famous Barcelona’s collection by Mies van der Rohe and its famous Barcelona Chair at the German Pavilion. But designers seems to be here, in their city. Many studios opened like Antoni Arola specialized in interiors and industrial design.

To understand this trend, you have just to visit a few restaurants, or recent hotels and shops and you’ll see that design is everywhere with its particular style: a kind of «Catalan touch»

No surprise you’ll find very astonishing furniture shops in Barcelona with not only world wide selection of design products but local designer creations as well…

Those shops are great places to bring back a present… Follow our selection!

Here at Shannon Studio, we provide you with unlimited options for adorning your showroom or shop. Choice can be made from our top quality floor graphics, canvas art prints, full color prints, window displays, or wall graphics, to make your space attractive and inviting.

Secrets of the art engineering and the commercial sector this important and vital

1-The division of design work and hand shops depending on the type of goods offered, clothing store is different from the place of decorative glasses, for example, decided to work related to art, design and engineering shops, for the benefit of both: interior designer, as well as skilled carpenter who specializes in this area.

2-There are decorations such as the quality and specialist shops selling sweets and cakes, and specialty boutiques to sell bread characterized by spots of wood dedicated to this area, and there are decorations of shops specializing in the sale of vegetables

For Example :-

Shops selling perfumes and cosmetics, decorations



Close-up picture and watch the side of the shelves as well as aesthetic profile lateral curvature of the shelves, giving the warmth and beauty of the decor

second Decor shop selling perfumes and cosmetics, have several shelves and cabinets, with the beauty of the main display table, as is highlighted by the following:

Table width of the previous decor, featuring the beauty of view, and openness to the external shape of an arc, in the direction of customers, as highlighted by the following picture: