Interior design in green and purple

On other occasions we have seen how to decorate in green or how to wear purple at home . But today I want to show you how to combine these colors to decorate. So we will see some tips to make your interior design in green and purple look great either.


How to wear green and purple
Green and purple are two colors that combine a great time . The relationship between these contrasting colors is, basically, but depending on the saturation of blue that has each of these colors, more or less be unified in one space.
Both are secondary colors and the best we have is the freshness with entering rooms where employed. So you can use this combination to decorate the living room and in the bathroom, like the bedroom or kitchen. You can always have the option of placing them as decorative or paint walls in these colors.

Decoration in green and purple
A cheerful combination of joy
Both fresh and romantic environments, young, exotic, elegantly, these two colors complement each measure. They are a cocktail of stimuli first. It’s a combination that gives much joy if used in similar proportions.
If predominantly violet and purple tones in the decor , is a more sober, elegant, serious. While it is noted that if more green, like green pistachio for example, will be much more natural and lively feeling to accomplish. Remember this especially if you want to decorate your bedroom.

Using the combination blank
The green and purple especially combined with white as third color, because it neutralizes any such activity. Are tones that convey a lot of energy and are linked to nature.
White is the perfect balance to offset the vividness of the other two colors as it provides a sense of calm, which is much appreciated in the bedrooms. If you do not want to risk too much, you can paint the room and the basic furniture in white and use the rest of the accessories to decorate in green and purple. Such as carpets, bed sheets, curtains, of those things that you always have the possibility to change to your liking mainly.
In rustic interior design , therefore, are a special supplement. You could use the white primer or pickled , and used green and purple motifs such as flowers, grass, trees, everything that is dynamic stripes, romantic, special.
There are two colors that you will regret ever because all those good energies transmitted so fundamental to have a home in tune with our needs. Try them in flat tones, textures, in graphs, whatever the game or your favorite independent, will be ideal. You’ll see the results of interior design in green and purple.




Interior design in green and purple