Interior designer Ben Rousseau teaches us home

Ben Rousseau Rousseau Designs specializes in lighting design, furniture and interior high end. He is a lover of lighting decor schemes. “The use of light is the best way to appreciate the forms and details of the design,” he explains. Then he shows his family home in London …


We like what you’ve done with your kitchen!
“Thanks, I created a circular wall, which normally fits the window of the hatch, illuminating the space with LED and cut opal white diffuser. Create effects through light design is my passion and this experiment has proved ingenious. ”

Television is a difficult element to fit the decor. How have you managed to integrate it with such gusto?

Framing the TV screen can create a space for storage of DVD and CD. I used gloss cabinet and illuminated details on the doors.

How do you get a modern decorating style?
“Although this house is relatively modern, you need a lot of work. We have renovated and refitted kitchen with materials and gloss white units. The ground floor with exposed brick walls, painted it white to show the key pieces of furniture. ”

We love the color you used for the bathroom
“The LED lights change color. The shower has a backlit poster through a sequence of colors reflect different tones. The shelf is also illuminated creating effects under cabinets and above the stack.

What has been the key to bedroom decor?
The idea of ​​throwing some walls in the house was to produce a greater sense of space. The spacious master bedroom needed to be to place my closets along with walnut dressing as together occupy much of the room.

Tell us about the light and the structure of this original bed
“The structure of the bed and head are made of the same wood than walnut cabinets, dressing table and chest of drawers, to maintain coordination of the decor. I’ve also returned to using LED lights to light framing the head. ”