Interior designer Karen Howes shows her glamorous apartment

Karen Howes of Taylor Howes Designs started his business as an interior decorator when I was 21, and in 1991 opened Taylor Howes. Most of his work has been for residential homes, but also designed for hotels, spas and shopping. Now Karen shows us his apartment in Mayfair and gives us tips to decorate a fabulous interior.


What is your philosophy for interior design?
‘We always want to create an interior that is glamorous, practical and functional at the same time. These are the characteristics of an interior design that works. ‘
You have used the orange and some blue in this room neutral tones. Do you have any tricks or tips when it comes to wear and match colors?

Karen-Howes-apartment Kitchen

‘The colors of this room were inspired by this work of art hung. One of the tips is that you should not be afraid when using strong colors and you should start using them in small accessories such as cushions, to gradually feel more confident. As you leave feeling more confident start to add larger pieces like the chairs in this photo.
We like the effect of this piece of art in the dining room. Could you give us some advice on how to decorate with art pieces effectively?

Karen-Howes-apartment bathroom

‘My first job was working for an art dealer who collected for the British art of the twentieth century. This piece was painted by a wonderful artist named Denis Bowen in 1962. Art has to release light and do not be afraid to move your boxes from one place to another as they can create a different look by placing them in another room of your house. ‘

Your kitchen is small but very luxurious and nothing seems crowded. How do you do?
‘More than a kitchen floor, the kitchen looks like a yacht and the central point is the area where the bar is. We work with the great team of Bulthaup, so everything is continuous and has a place. The worst is the detail if you have to work in a confined space. ‘


This bedroom has a wall mirror and headboard. Did you put it to get a larger room? What other effects you used in this room?
‘Yes, I wanted to create a feeling of more space and light, while also adding a glamorous touch to the house. We also have a lacquered wardrobe with sliding doors that reflects light and gives a luxurious touch to the room. ‘

Karen-Howes Dining-room

Could you give us some advice on how to work with dark colors for the walls of a bathroom? We love what you’ve done with yours.
‘I am of the firm belief that if you have a small space, you should give a more dramatic touch, and with this item you can clearly get it. Coseguirás addition to create a sexy and interesting look. ‘