italian wall art

Decorating any home in this charming and comfortable style is easy with Tuscan Decor’s helpful decorating guides, and just the right accessories.  Embark on a Tuscan decorating journey today right from your own home.  Whether you seek a comfortable Tuscan kitchen perfect for entertaining, or a relaxing outdoor living space, here you’ll find just the right home decorating accessories to suit your impeccable sense of style. A large and funky metal wall art sculpture. This sculpture is a very large 90x78cm (35×31″”) and is set in an eye catching dragonfly in rushes nature design. The finish is a very contemporay rustic handpainted brush technique in metallic silver, black and foil gold wings and rich green leaves. The attractive design draws you in and really makes this wall art stand out and will look great in any living or working space.

A large and funky metal wall art sculpture. This sculpture is approximately 82cm high and 70cm wide (33×28″) and is set in a stunning mixed silver flowers design in jazzy burnished silver and oxidised finishes. A great statement piece for any room. Unlike most tapestry companies we hold high inventory levels so most tapestry art orders are shipped within 24 hours, and we do not charge you until the day of shipping. Online orders are securely encrypted for your peace of mind. We aim to provide the very best personal customer service – see a few testimonials from past customers worldwide. We sell tapestries because we love them and we will be pleased to help you choose designs for your home. Note that customers in USA and everywhere outside Canada pay no sales taxes. Ask about our Gift Certificates.

Contemporary artist Fabrice De Villeneuve conveys the charm and simplicity of a bygone era in France. Born in northern France, De Villeneuve was deeply inspired by his childhood upbringing amid gardens by the ocean, and later by the enchanting artifacts he sold as an antique dealer. Encompassing trompe-l’oeil, florals and interior scenes, his work exudes the warm luster of romance and nostalgia. De Villeneuve’s work has been spotlighted in numerous publications on international design.

Wall Art/Accessories:  Art is a very important feature to include in a Italian kitchen decor as well as in any room because it is an expression of who we are and depending on the art piece, it can evoke feelings of happiness, warmth, and appreciation for human creativity.Tile Wall Art/Wine Grapes Plaque:  Italy is known for its wine and produces a heavenly selection of grapes.  What better way to celebrate the essence of your vintage than by displaying a tile wall art set of grapes adorned with white, deep red, and rose colored grapes or a plaque consisting of different clusters of wine grapes.  It makes an exquisite accent.

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