kitchen wall art metal

Each piece made by Art of Metal is individually hand made and will be unique to you. This is just the sort of finish that would add interest to a kitchen with plain white or woodgrain doors. The colours aren’t garish but they certainly provide a point of interest. The rich swirling colours are produced by burning 2mm steel with oxy-acetylene and the metal is then given a glossy protective coat of lacquer. The use of hand finished metal – with contrasting patterns/ textures – as a contrast to more minimalist furnishings – is a style reminiscent of the original Bauhaus designs and would look good in an otherwise fairly plain setting.

Whether you’ve decorated your kitchen in a rustic Southwestern style or prefer a Tuscan style of decorating, wall art can really add to the overall effect. To add to the beauty of a Southwestern theme, try using metal art with a chili pepper or rustic pottery theme. In a Tuscan styled kitchen, pieces featuring a wine or grape motif can work quite well. However, when selecting kitchen wall art, don’t limit yourself to just pieces that have a food theme. By using a little bit of thought and creativity, you’ll be able to use any art piece that appeals to you. In fact, you might just find yourself designing your entire kitchen around one really great piece of art.

If your kitchen is decorated in a country style, you’ll find plenty of metal wall art that will blend in beautifully. Art pieces that feature barnyard animals, fruits or vegetables always work well. You could also decorate your country kitchen with a floral theme. For example, a large metal art sculpture depicting a beautiful sunflower hung on the wall behind the table could really brighten up your entire kitchen. You could also use one or more metal wall panels or grilles in the kitchen to add a lot of visual interest and design.

If your kitchen resembles a professional chef’s kitchen, you’ll probably want to stick to sleek stainless steel or black painted metal pieces, in keeping with the colors that are commonly used in professional kitchens. Art pieces that depict food or beverages always work well in the kitchen. However, you could also decorate your professionally designed kitchen with metal art pieces depicting a city skyline, or another area of the country that personifies your particular style of cooking.

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