KY Summer Safety Tips for Children

Summer is an exciting time for children, the weather is good most days, and opens the door to lots of fun outdoor activities. However, being outdoors also comes with some risk due to the heat, and the unknown. Here are some safety tips for children that are easy to deploy and manage while enjoying time outdoors. Staying safe on the street KY An early summer safety tips that you should take advantage of children is to keep them safe on busy streets. Teach your children about the importance of walk, not run, across the street. The sidewalks are plentiful in the occupied areas, show that it is imperative to use them if possible. Make eye contact with drivers on the road before passing also critical.

Summer Safety Tips for Children

Keeping Safe on wheels Teach your children the importance of keeping their bodies safe while biking, skating, skateboarding, etc. Buying a suitable helmet that is designed for the specific activity that your child enjoys. Always remember that mom and dad should also wear helmets! Water Safety course, one of the most vital KY summer safety pointers is to learn to keep their children safe in the water.
Keep a reasonable distance from the younger swimmers at all times, preferably about 2 feet or less. Understand that no one is too big of a risk of drowning swimmer. Drowning can occur in all types of water sources, including bathtubs, baby pools, baths, basins, etc. If there is not enough space for a child’s face to submerge under water, drowning is a risk. Sun Safety Keep your child safe while having fun in the sun is just one of the most comprehensive safety tips for children.

Always wear sunscreen with appropriate SPF when the sun is out. Sunburn can occur even on cloudy days, so keep this in mind as well. Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before going out, and make sure to reapply every two hours. Reapply if the child before going swimming or sweating. Toweling can also remove sunscreen on accident. Ticks keep away You can probably guess that a good safety guide KY summer is not complete without a security section tick. Understand that ticks carry and causes of various types of diseases, such as fever Rocky Mountain spotted and Lyme disease. You can protect your children by dressing in long clothing and getting into the openings to other articles of clothing, using tick repellent, teaching them not to occupy too large areas, and more. After a day outdoors in parks, check the bodies of their children for ticks. Outdoor Cooking Safety Tips for Kids Cooking outdoors is a popular activity during the warmer months. However, it can present its own dangers for children.

Keep children away from grills and other kitchen appliances outdoors. Do not leave out perishable foods quickly, and verify the food that can be accidentally undercooked to make sure the grill to finish. Summer Preparation First Aid Kit last (but not least), prepare a first aid kit summer! Keep adhesive bandages, tape, gloves, thermometers, and the number of emergency services on hand in the kit. Replace the computer each time it has been used and keep one in the car and at home!