Lamp decorated with wallpaper

With the wallpaper you can decorate really everything: walls, furniture and accessories. Apply the wallpaper on the walls gives them an air of everything new and decorates without weighing, it is very difficult to apllicare and you can choose from many different patterns.The furniture also can be covered with wallpaper, especially if you are a bit spoiled and we want to renew them without great difficulty we can cover the entire superfce or only a part of the wallpaper .


Finally the accessories: the wallpaper is reversible so that we can cover any surface resulting in an accessory ever again.Among the many accessories that you can decorate my favorites are the lamps I’m talking of the lamps by the large hats that were fashionable many years ago.
So I decided to buy the original wallpaper and lamp white hats: the only difficulty is to take good measures because due to the shape of the lamps is not possible to apply the paper and then cut off the excess.
shall be taken in the precise measurements of the height and the two circonerenze hat and then cut out from the wallpaper a trapezoid. Apply the wallpaper being careful not to create air bubbles and the hat is ready to be mounted on the lamp.


f you’re bored doors. You find them monotonous and bland, here I leave you with 2 great ideas, with a dramatic effect, you can only achieve with wallpaper.

Proposal One: It is ideal to show off wallpaper in low wall. Sometimes between windows and doors, almost no wall. If you want to give a sophisticated and that the paper looks at its best, it is best doors wallpaper as a continuation of the wall. This can be done if the doors are smooth, without moldings. In this way you create a door “invisible” let the breathing pattern and you get a surround atmosphere.

Proposal Two: This technique is used for doors with moldings. Take advantage of geometric shapes that create the moldings, to fill with beautiful color. The door will not seem the same. If you also want to paint the door with a color that matches the wallpaper, the effect will be shocking. The combinations are endless, and only depend on the taste of each. There are no limits to the imagination …

If you like this proposal, but the doors are smooth, you can always put some moldings and create the same effect.

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