Lamp Outdoor Game Torremato

The ‘ outside of your home looks too bare and want something that distinguishes it in an unconventional way?And if you proponessi a lamp ? That from external Torremato , the brainchild of creative designer  Christian Piccolo , is something unique, almost monumental thanks to its remarkable volume .

Outdoor lamp of metal and glass Game

It’s called Game and is inspired by the game of tin soldiers : made ​​of glass and metal , it features a very modern design and sloping and square shapes .Minimalism and attention to detail , make this lamp a sort of contemporary work of art appropriate for both private and work location.

Bole by Torremato

This is an item that at first glance conceals her identity: the extravagance of the design, in fact, capture the attention of concealing the nature of this item, revealed only to a more attentive observer.
Points of light created, then, in an innovative way, which reported on the scene the simplicity of a game that has enthralled children for a long time, which is rediscovered simplicity through minimalist design of Game that, for these characteristics, make it absolutely Versatile , can be placed in gardens or terraces of all kinds.

Lamp Outdoor Game Torremato

A lamp that does not go unnoticed: you like or prefer something more discreet?