Landscape with split rail fence

fences to demarcate property, then I could not be more wrong. Fences can also be used to give a garden accent and provide interest to the garden. If you have a small garden or a large garden, fences can be used as garden accessories to create visual interest. Whenever we talk over fences, those who come to mind are white picket fences and while white picket fences are one of the most closely aesthetically pleasing, there are others that are just as great. A fence that is the split rail fence. It’s a very rustic fence, which is done by dividing the longitudinal wooden logs.


Split rail fencing is usually on farms or in the countryside, where there is an abundance of wood. Near Split rail consists of 2-4 lanes, with two lanes variety are the most common and popular. This type of fencing can be used as a landscaped garden. The best thing about using Split Rail fence for landscaping is that they are relatively easy to construct and, as such, can install it yourself.

How to Landscape with a split rail fence
Landscape with railway separation fence requires a little imagination and creativity on your part. The first thing you have to do is plan the layout of the garden and see how a split rail fence can be used to beautify the garden. Here are some ideas to get you started.

✶ A very good way to use a split rail fence in landscaping is to install a simple two split rail fence along the perimeter of the garden. If your garden is large, then you can install the split rail fence on one side of the garden that does not face the street. The long horizontal lines of a split fence, giving the illusion of a larger space. To make the garden look attractive shrubs, large plants along the perimeter of the fence.

✶ A great idea with gardens split rail fence is use to define and decorate a flower bed. This idea works in a flower garden of a formal garden Formal knot. Describe the parts of a flower bed by installing a rustic lane separation fence. A low railway separation fence works best on a project, allowing the colorful flowers to be seen despite the fence.

✶ A variation of the split rail fence is a fence with stone posts divided. This type of split rail fencing can be used around the outer edges of the garden to mark the property. Just make sure you soften the look by planting rows of colorful climbing roses. The vibrant colors contrast against the straight lines a split rail fence looks very attractive.

✶ If you have a road or trail in the garden, and then make it more visually appealing by installing a split rail fence parallel to the runway. If the corridor is curved, then install a zigzag pattern on rail fence divided. If you think that wood is too expensive for this project, you can opt for the split vinyl fence.

✶ Sometimes, to make it more attractive landscaping needs a focal point. This is especially true for a small garden. A split rail fence when combined with a set gazebo and the door makes a good accent in the garden. A door and the tree can be made with the same wood material used for the construction of the split rail fence.

These were some landscaping ideas that use split rail fence. A split rail fence is a beautiful minimalist close not too flashy or formal. Installing a split fence in your garden can give the landscape a rustic and country. If you are lucky enough to have large trees in your yard, and then incorporate shared rail fence with trees to get the country atmosphere naturally.