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If you are looking for ideas to strike the best design that suits your garden, patio or deck, you can find inspiration in books, magazines, garden areas or in different design patterns that surround us everyday. In any case, do not expect no manual exactly fits your needs. It is best to take those solutions that will be useful and adapt to your garden. Ultimately transferring your personality to create a unique style. The exterior design arises from different stages and processes, but most important is to know in short: That is what we want to project. So, your garden will take a totally different picture if you opt for a classic, romantic, formal, ethnic or modern. And yet suffer more variations as you include spaces in each category: playground, dining space, planting area …

Small Garden

Therefore we must have a global vision naturally fit lines and shapes, decorations, colors, highlights, etc.., As any detail affects the whole and influences the sensations perceived by the visitor.

From Enchufix, we give you the keys to find the design that best suits your garden, whether large or small space. With these TIPS will see it is very easy to organize outdoor space and give a touch of personality that will ONLY.

– Do not clutter the space. It is the golden rule that you can not unshakable if you do not have to jump many meters. The combination of elements must be carefully studied to generate feeling of spaciousness. To do this, it is best to choose a decorative style and apply it to your garden, you will see that visually look bigger.

– Expand the viewing area. Move freely and without confinement is paramount, therefore the greatest possible release. Delimits a small plot for garden and paved the rest. Natural materials are best suited, for artificiality remaining perfectly combine the environment and complement any gardening. A uniform soil will visually enlarge the space.
In Enchufix recommend the Ipe decking or tropical woods will give you the added value of a more welcoming, warm and comfortable. Moreover, tropical woods are completely suitable for outdoor resitir to changes in humidity, sun and low temperatures, so that maintenance is limited to an oiled every three or four years. Autoclave treatment, in the case of pine floorboards guarantee prolonged durability for years and also require minimal maintenance.

If instead you are someone who does not have time or do not dare to facilities, synthetic or technological platform is the option you should elegir.El assembly is very simple, as if you built a puzzle. It requires no maintenance and is completely resistant.
Simple, comfortable and practical. The outdoor furniture for small spaces, you must meet these three characteristics to that in our little garden we feel as well as in our interior spaces but without saturating the surface.

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