Landscaping with rocks – Making a Garden fragments were well

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10 Simplified Steps to Landscaping with rocks

It’s already August and summer is half over.

Do you want to expand this summer thegarden design with stones by a few figures? Well, if you have not already begun, now you need a very effective method.

To do anything quickly and also have time to enjoy the results this summer.

Here are 10 easy steps to Landscaping with rocks!Hopefully they are suitable for you:

Give the garden a natural look by Decostones

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Estimate the realistic space

Begin by to draw a realistic picture of the room.

It is also a relatively small space would be quite appropriate.

Consider the whole thing as “top” and you will find the appropriate place for the elements.

Do not waste time trying to try to remove elements.

Try to integrate this rather in a plan. To save time and have more such.

Water, rocks, plants … A real paradise …

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Arrange the elements in the garden according to priorities

What are your priorities for this summer? Suppose, you still want to set up a seating area with sofas, table and chairs.

Where should they be located? Put theLandscaping with rocks at this point.

So you will be at the end of the season quite pleased with himself even with an incomplete version of the plan.

Beautify the garden by Decostones

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Balance between green fields and stones

Paint on your plan from the available green space.

Try searching for a balance between these and covered with stones surfaces.

Half – half is the absolute maximum, in which most people feel comfortable.

Typically, the green area should constitute 2/3 or more, if you set the relaxation in the garden as the main priority.

Also keep in mind that the two areas can not only contiguous.

A beautiful palm tree in the middle of the stones also looks very good.

SingleĀ vrschiedene areas in your garden from

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The search for matching stones

Successful garden design with stones is usually a realized practical idea.

As understood from itself, relates to the the size of the stones.

Do you expect that they crumble over time by the external conditions.

They are smaller and can even eventually look like sand.

Search therefore prefer larger stones. The color is also important.

For a natural look is usually mixed white with silver or chestnut.