Learn what each color expresses us

A red, green, blue, yellow … not only paint colors are emotions, feelings, moods, show our personality and each of them has a deeper meaning than most people know.So let me explain what the colors expressing known and used, so that from now you see them simply as colors and when we choose, keep in mind that each of us wants to convey.

Color Psychology

We could say that is the color that expresses the intellectual level at both ends, great intelligence and a serious deficiency. ‘s the color of the sun, of light, expressed or call to action, power and also arrogance. Orange : It is a warm color in some of its tones, this is a color that can encourage the timid, expressed enthusiasm, excitement, aggressiveness and courage. ‘s a color that used in small doses and well combined, can decorate any place.

The red suggests an outgoing personality, is blood, fire, vitality, revolution, joy, passion, strength, and destruction, distrust, anger and cruelty. should not apply in a large area because its large excitation force tires quickly.

This color can be associated with introverts or spiritual life personalities. Expresses intelligence, emotions deep rest. It is the color of the sea, sky, dreams.
Can be used on large areas, is a color that is never going to bother.

is the color of balance because it is formed by the colors of emotion: blue (judgment and reason) and yellow (vitality and fire) why green is the result of a perfect harmony. the color of hope, reality , reason, logic, nature and youth. also the color of jealousy and madness.

the color is more sensitive to light. It is the sum of all colors, and the symbol of everything. Expresses unit, innocence, peace or surrender. Color is always positive, affirmative and pure. Grey: Grey is not a color, if not the mixture of two colors: white and black. Expresses sadness, neutrality, and is a combination of joy and sorrow.

 Black : 
It’s the darker feelings regarding concerns. It is the absence of color and light. expresses the error, evil, death, but also conveys elegance.

The pink is associated with feminine, calming and relaxing effects. It is a color that invites calm, kindness and affection. The phrase “you see everything rosy” explains its meaning: naivete, kindness, tenderness, good feeling and no harm. This color helps to clear the mind of negative thoughts, softens the character, tending towards sweetness, perseverance and gentleness.

It is considered an artificial color since very little is found in nature. Lilac and lavender tones are very feminine. Expresses mystery takes intuition and enhances brainpower. Color is relaxing and thus indicating the absence of tension. It can mean calm, self-control and dignity. For Feng Shui, is a color that expresses exclusivity and authority. It may be appropriate for a teenager’s room. Avoid in the rooms and play spaces for younger children. In therapy helps troubleshoot spleen, circulatory and nervous, and reduce anxiety.

Colors such as wood, tan, oil, corn, beige, etc.., A feeling of calm, so that may be suitable for very excitable children.