LED Lights facade building also used to play Rubik

The Spanish artist and designer Javier Loret shows how lighting technology applied to buildings not only allow us to improve the appearance of the facade but also add a bit of fun, why a city has to be boring?.

Light Architecture - LED House

The facade illuminated with LED lights takes on new life when bystanders get to play with different colors to assemble faces with the same tone, is the typical game rubik applied to the facade, is a small cube is used where has installed a series of sensors and using a Bluetooth connection to a computer from where the interface is controlled LED lights.

The LED lights can be manipulated from a small bucket with sensors connected to a computer by Bluetooth

The building is located in Austria according to the site 3ders.orgĀ  and is part of a thesis project presented by Loret, where you want to demonstrate the use of 3D printing technology used to make the small nature of command and technology generally to the art.

Architectural Lighting Dallmayr facade