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Lighting Feng Shui is based on obtaining a home lighting to improve the welfare of people at home, provide a flow of positive energy and harmonize the flow of Chi. Feng Shui Lighting has in the sun its finest, but as the sun is not available to us all the time, or equally illuminates every corner of our house, you need the proper use of artificial lighting. In Feng Shui each light symbolizes the sun, so necessary for life, and that is vital in the emotions and mood of the people at home.

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For proper lighting in our homes, according to Feng Shui, general lighting should be balanced so that there are no dark areas, but also areas with excessive lighting. This balance color makes the house emotions are balanced. Besides the light balance you must choose the best type of light. According to Feng Shui, the appropriate color temperature is warm light of a yellow tone, which color temperature is below 3500 K. Therefore, avoid using fluorescent lamps or light bulbs with white light, as they provide a light white / blue with a color temperature higher than 5000 K. To get the balance of light in each room of the house it is best to opt for recessed lights in the ceiling, warm light bulbs because it is a better way to spread the light throughout the room, which by the use of lamps in one area of ​​the room.

To avoid dark areas that can not be covered by recessed spotlights the best is to use floor lamps . Floor lamps are also highly recommended to illuminate small rooms such as halls, to highlight certain areas of the home or to be used as point light generators.

The use of lights may also be advisable to emphasize certain decorative elements are placed so that pointing to that element you want to highlight and generally, the outbreaks can be built into the accompanying furniture decoration. This way to highlight objects with light makes Chi energy is generated.

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