Living Trends 2016: Keep up with the latest trends!

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Living Trends 2016

The 2016 comes with a bang – a color explosion.
After the Scandinavian coolness and the Swedish White fade slowly invert colors back into the device. The living trends in 2016 are colorful, detailed and a bit messy.

Current Trends: What’s in and what’s out in the interior design?

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Arabica carpet

Arab elements find their way into our homes. Ornate ornaments, colorful shells and velvety cushions can be found next to floral patterns and colored dishes.
Homemade is back in vogue.

Jam, pickled vegetables or pasta in small colorful containers may 2016 be in every kitchen. If this is too expensive, the glasses can also fill with colored stones or sand.Loving details complement in the kitchen the warm country style with wooden surfaces and kitchen utensils.

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The dining room is convivial. Feasting, brunch and buffets are all the rage. As a food already attracts even over several hours. The pssende ambience provide tables to measure that allow all varieties of food Art and 2016 total are in vogue. Seen This online shop offers furniture from our own joinery: Homemade custom-made and give each room an individual and unique flair.

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Frills and Nippes

In the living room offer sweeping couches and sofa elements that can be combined at will, islands of peace. Individual colorful pillows create as small accessories special highlights and coziness. Even grandma’s display cabinet is back: Where once the finest crystal glasses and fine dishes were presented today shows a mélange of different eras. Old, but still well-preserved dishes, as well as colorful vases and all sorts of knick-knacks can be found at flea markets and in antique dealer.

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In the bedroom there remains during which plain rather Scandinavian. Here rely mainly blue fabrics and wooden materials special accents. Open closets and cabinet walls provide bright rooms, which act not concentrated and oppressive, but inviting.

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The Revival of Prilblume

The bathroom shines throughout 2016 in the splendor of the 70s. Colorful tiles and flowing into extraordinaire colors are reminiscent of the old buildings in large cities, and tell their own Geschichte.Passend to: golden fixtures and wooden closet facades.Natural materials and accessories create a cozy, rural atmosphere and invite you to a relaxing bath or a refreshing shower. The textiles in the bathroom are conspicuous: Towels need not be white or monochrome, but are quite everything Couleur by Gusto combined.

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Particularly in vogue are precipitated in 2016 and self-designed lamps and lampshades. Templates for this can be found everywhere. Most of the ideas are easy to implement from recycled materials or with some goods sold in the craft store and have a special place for guests and friends.